Municipality calls for safe use of cylinders

Gas cylinders must be kept in a well-ventilated place. (EB FILE)

All gas distribution companies, restaurants and cafés in Dubai have been told to comply with safety requirements when dealing with gas cylinders.

A two-week awareness campaign on the proper use of gas cylinders in the kitchen has been launched by Dubai Municipality's Public Health and Safety Department. "We want to emphasise that distributors should not supply and fix gas cylinders at establishments that do not meet public safety requirements," said Essa Al Suwaidi, Head of the Public Safety Section.

"Gas supply networks must be designed to ensure easy and effective maintenance and the prevention of leakages. Special well-ventilated cabinets, made of non-flammable materials, must be provided for gas cylinders. They should be away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Gas cylinders must be stored in specific cabinets in a vertical position at all times. No other items or substances may be stored in gas cylinder cabinets."

He said fire extinguishers should be mounted in easily accessible positions at all locations where gas cylinders are stored.

"Periodic maintenance programmes for all parts and gas line connections must be carried out and documented.

"Safe operating procedures must be observed during moving, transporting and storing of cylinders, and no lighters or matches should be used when checking for gas leaks.

"A soap solution should be used instead."

Al Suwaidi said any failure by companies and cafés to comply with the safety requirements would result in strict action.


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