Deepika Padukone supports Preity Zinta for taking a stand


Bollywood actress Preity Zinta’s accusation against former boyfriend Ness Wadia has stroked a dormant topic of women modesty.
Zinta filed case for outraging modesty of a woman and the Preity-Ness mess has taken Bollywood by surprise.

The industry's refusal to be drawn into taking a stand on the Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia case has left many wondering if all the talk about unity in the industry is mere hogwash.

Two of the industry's biggies, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, also one-time friends of Preity, appeared to be evasive on the issue. 

Shah Rukh Khan acknowledged the question, although he did not say much. SRK said, "It's a personal issue. It's an issue she has brought up and I assume it will be dealt legally. As a friend of hers, I will just talk to her."
Salman Khan dodges the question and refuses to say anything about it.
Salman told the journalist, "You are in a wrong place!" He further told the journalist, "Only you are interested in knowing about this issue."

While number of big names stayed away, in the latest instance, Deepika Padukone has applauded Preity for standing up for "what is correct".

At an event Deepika said, "I don’t think it’s my place to be commenting on anybody else’s personal space. What has happened and what hasn’t is none of my business. What I can applaud her for is the fact that I have always believed that she is a very strong woman and I appreciate her for that."

Clarifying that she was "saying it (her opinion) in the context (the Ness-Preity case)", the reigning diva admitted that she has “always admired her for the fact that she has always been very outspoken".

Deepika added, "She has always stood for what is right. Preity has never shied away from standing up for what is correct, and I respect her for that."

Bollywood speaks:
Actor Saif Ali Khan: "I mean if she needs my support, I don't think this is the for me the right place to talk about, but I mean she always has my support. But Ness is a friend too, so I don't know what's happened and as far as I am concerned he has always been a gentleman. I have no idea exactly what happened, so I need to keep an open mind till I do know what's happened. It is a very unfortunate incident, they are both friends."
Filmmaker Kiran Rao: "It's unfortunate to hear that, it is always awful to hear someone from the film fraternity feel they are alone. So I hope she doesn't feel alone. This is a very personal issue though. I mean I can't comment on the issue because I don't know the details of it but I do hope she manages to resolve the issue first."
Filmmaker Karan Johar: "Of course, needless to say that my friendship with her is not only professional, but also deeply personal and she will always have my love and unconditional support."
Actor Abhay Deol: "I've known her for many years and I would take it seriously, whatever she says. Though I don't know what exactly has happened so I can't comment but definitely if she is going through a hard time and what she's saying is true, we should all support her."
Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh
: "I've known her really for a long time, she is a great girl and you know all the support she ever needs is always with us."