Macho cop Adam becomes Alexandra

For more than six years Constable Adam Smith walked the beat in the seaside towns of North Wales.

He earned the respect and admiration of locals, and many were sorry to see him go when he announced he was leaving for a new post.

Now the officer is back on the beat, but there is a difference – PC Smith is now a woman, reports 'The Daily Mail'.

The 31-year-old has undergone gender transition treatment and is working as PC Alexandra Smith, known as Lexie.

She has been living as a woman for two years but is still physically a man.

However, in January the 6 feet officer is due to fly to Thailand, where she is paying £10,000 (Dh57,979) for a private sex change operation.

Sources at North Wales police, where PC Smith works, said she has been sharing the female locker rooms at Llandudno police station since last year.

She is even allowed to frisk women on the street. She is taking annual leave for the surgery, although she is likely to be off work, receiving sick pay, while she recovers.

PC Smith will be accompanied for her surgery by close friend Chloe Davis, a transsexual who was previously called Clive, who is a diversity officer with the same force.

PC Smith said she hoped the public would accept her new identity.

‘I’ve worked the same area for years and was really well known among the wider public,’ she said.

‘When I was going through transition, I moved to the force control room for a few years.

‘Now I just want to get on with my life and my job in the best and most professional way possible.’
A police source was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying that most of PC Smith’s friends and colleagues supported her decision to change gender.

But a number are said to be angry that she would be getting sick pay.

The source added: "Some of the older female police officers did feel a bit uncomfortable that she has been allowed to use the women’s changing areas and toilets, especially as she hasn’t had the full sex change operation yet. So far she has not had any grief from the public.

"She started back on the beat last year and people in the street don’t realise she used to be a man, so it hasn’t really caused her any problems."

Assistant Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard of North Wales police said: ‘We are completely supportive of and respect the rights of individuals.This support would include time off required for any treatment.’


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