Will India win World Cup? Ask Tendulkar in Dubai


Indian sporting fans have whipped up a frenzy on social media with a viral video of Sachin Tendulkar’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 predictions, dating back to February, which saw the legend correctly pick the final four teams that would make the cut to the semi-finals.

In the UAE to launch the 150th Aster Pharmacy outlet in Abu Dhabi, local media bowled a bouncer at the cricketing icon once again to predict India’s chances at lifting the trophy.

Video by Bindu Rai

Tendulkar promptly ducked it, responding: “Being the ICC Ambassador for this World Cup, I am not supposed to take names; but all I can say is, the defending champions are ready to defend.”

Reminiscing about the memorable ‘Desert Storm’ innings in Sharjah back in 1998, marking his whirlwind knock against Australia, Tendulkar slyly added: “That desire to win and go through to the finals was there in our dressing room that day; and some good cricket by all of us eventually took us into the finals and lifted the trophy as well.

“Thank you for the good reminder for something that is going to happen in the next three to four days.”

India will take on Australia once again in the world cup semi-final on Thursday in Sydney.

Could this current prediction by the man known as ‘God of Cricket’ ring true?

Fans of the legend seem to think so following the resurrection of a video clip taken during the press launch of his autobiography, ‘Playing It My Way’, where Tendulkar was quizzed about who would lift the World Cup.

Tendulkar’s answer at the time was: “Well, I can’t pinpoint one team. There are a few competitive teams.

“I would like to name Australia, South Africa, New Zealand is a dark horse and India. These four teams would be my semi-finalists.”

He further added: “I feel India can surprise many guys. I feel the spinners will come into play. People talk about the pitch being conducive for fast bowlers because of the size of the ground, but spinners will also come into play.”

A month later, with these top four teams now vying for entry into the World Cup final on Sunday, Tendulkar’s words once again remind many fans of his Desert Storm legendary innings that saw former England cricket captain Tony Grieg say on air: “They are dancing in the aisles in Sharjah.”

Speaking about the famous tournament, Tendulkar said: “In fact, when I was landing yesterday, I was reminded of the Desert Storm, when we were playing Australia.”

It was a do or die match for India, when a sandstorm intervened before the start of the 32nd over.

He said: “That match itself was memorable. We went back to the dressing room and five overs were deducted; the target had become stiffer.

“To top it off, I suddenly had this new experience, a Desert Storm phobia looking at my size and my weight – I was lighter back then.”

“I thought I would get blown away by the storm and I was suddenly trying to get close to Adam Gilchrist, hoping that if I get blown away, I could grab hold of him; some extra weight always helps.”

Ultimately, India was faced with the target of chasing 94 runs off 90 balls with six wickets to earn a place in the finals and ultimately lift the trophy in a historical win.

Sachin semifinalists prediction video from Feb that has gone viral past 48 hours

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