Netflix numbers down but still 'number one' in UAE

Netflix is still the number one internet video service provider in the UAE for content consumed on TV. This according to a popular TV manufacturer, which compared data on all its Smart TV usage in the UAE.

According to the South Korean firm there are more users watching content on Netflix, compared to any other online streaming service even YouTube. A senior official of the company told Emirates 24\7 that  the numbers for the US based streaming service that expanded into 130 countries including UAE in January this year was high and growing.

"From data that is available with us Netflix comes first, followed by YouTube and followed by STARZ Play," he said refusing to provide exact numbers.

The news comes amidst Netflix's second quarter results which indicated a disappointing slowdown in growth. New international subscriptions grew by 1.5 million during the quarter compared to the expected 2 million.

"We grew by 1.7m members in Q2 finishing with over 83 million members. This is below our forecast of 2.5m net new members and our prior year Q2 net additions of 3.3m. We are growing, but not as fast as we would like or have been," a statement by Netflix to its investors said.

Currently new users in the UAE will be able to avail one month's free subscription following which Netflix will charge $7.99 for a standard package, $9.99 for HD streaming and $11.99 for Ultra HD streaming.

Netflix was available in 60 countries before January 2016 when it decided to launch an aggressive expansion into additional 130 markets.

"In our newer markets, we continue to learn and believe that growth will unfold over a multi¬year period, similar to our experience in Latin America.

International revenue rose 67 per cent  year over year," according to the statement.

The company also said that its forecasts for the third quarter it expects international net additions of 2 million subscriptions. "Our approach in expanding our global footprint in January was to launch a service targeting early adopters and then to listen, learn and iterate quickly. Now that we are six months in, we will localize Netflix in Poland and Turkey with the addition of local language in the user interface, subtitles and dubbing. Localization in other markets will take place over time as economically prudent," it added.