Salman Khan, Shah Rukh's 'hug and hate' relationship continues

Indian actors Shah Rukh Khan (L) and Salman Khan attend politician Baba Siddique's (C) iftaar party. (SANSKRITI MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT)

Way back in the 1990s Bollywood’s future superstars hung out together. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan called each other ‘brothers’.

But after their famous fall-out, Salman says ‘Shah Rukh and I can never be friends’ and SRK says ‘Salman and I don’t talk which is absolutely right.’


Things went from good, to bad to ugly between the two stars. And common friends were sitting on the fence, stranded with divided loyalties.

Cut to present day - everyone around them can breathe easy.

Finally their enmity has matured and now they do not rush to bash each other; instead they have become courteous (even if it's for the flashing cameras).


Point in case the series hug exchange that the two have been displaying during award functions, iftaar parties.

And every time this "hug drama" (which is a peace treaty of sort) takes place, social media, newspapers and news channels go tizzy for every piece of information.

At Indian politician Baba Siddique's this year's iftaar party it was a 'total recall'.

This is the picture of Shah Rukh and Salman at last year's Iftar party. (SANSKRITI MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT)

Great performers Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, keeping all their differences aside, were under the same roof and hugged each other amidst all the public attention.

They did it last year. They have done it again.

Shah Rukh arrived first. Salman arrived 20 minutes later. No sooner had Salman arrived, the shutterbugs, who were restricted to the entrance followed Salman inside the venue of the party.


Baba Siddique took Salman around to meet all the guests present on the occasion.

When Salman came near SRK's table it was a photo-op; the two greeted each other cordially, shook hands, shared a joke with the host and hugged each other.

The holy month of Ramadan once again saw the two actors put up a great act.


Sometimes it's difficult to know if there is a raging ember burning hot beneath cold ash.
The warring Khans of Bollywood are no less deceptive in their act of rivalry and friendship.

Though the hug-series continuous, their innate rivalry persists.

After their much-talked about hug at 2013 iftaar party we saw a repeat performance at the Star Guild Awards.

As Shah Rukh went on-stage to receive his Entertainer of the Year prize, he and award host Salman Khan shared a hug, watched by a thrilled audience.
Let’s give it to Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan for yet again another blockbuster.
They can conveniently steal the spotlight from all other guests, national and international news and can be called the real superstars of Bollywood.