Child hand outs $3,250 to school mates

A little Saudi girl went to her school in the morning, rushed into the class and gathered her school mates around her not to tell them a story or a secret. She simply pulled nearly SR12,000 ($3,250) out of her bag and began handing the money out to them.

The children did not mind getting this fortune but their teacher did. When she entered the class, she froze at what she saw.

“She quickly began gathering the money from the children…it was around SR12,000 which she handed to the headmistress,” Kabar newspaper said in a report from the northern Saudi town of Arar.

“The headmistress then phoned the child’s father, Ayed Al Anzi, who quickly checked his wardrobe and found that all his money is gone.”

The paper said the father sent his wife to get the money back from the headmistress, adding that the girl confessed to taking the money from her father’s drawer to give her friends.

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