2 buses with 84 students in SZR crash


Two buses belonging to the Higher College of Technology met with an accident on Sheikh Zayed Road, Brigadier Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of the General Department of Operations at Dubai Police, has said.

The buses, together, were carrying 84 students on a trip to Abu Dhabi. Forty-one students suffered minor injuries and were treated.

Brigadier Al Shamsi explained that the incident occurred as a result of a car deviating from the far right to the far left, to enter a gas station.

As a result of the car’s sudden movement the first bus driver suddenly braked, which led to the collision with the second bus from behind.

Brigadier Al Shamsi said that 34 students were taken to Rashid Hospital by ambulance, while eight were moved to Al Baraha Hospital.

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