8-year-old boy saved after 12-hour surgery in Dubai hospital

(Al Bayan)

In a complex operation that lasted 12 hours, a medical team of Rashid Hospital succeeded in saving the life of an eight-year-old boy suffering from a rare disease called ‘Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (SCT),’ according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper Al Bayan.

SCT is a tumor found in newborns that develops before birth and grows further after birth.

Dr. Mohammad Abdul Aziz Sultan Al Olama, consultant neurosurgeon at Rashid Hospital and chairman of the medical team that performed the surgery, said the operation was carried out on a Sudanese child named Mohammed Jamal Fouda.

He added that the young child boy had a severe headache some days ago and was taken by ambulance to Latifa Hospital, from where he was transferred to Rashid Hospital to conduct cross-sectional imaging of the brain. The image showed that there is a large and rigid cyst that need to be surgically removed immediately.

Dr Al Olama said the complex and risky surgery was carried out last week from 6.30am to 6.30pm.

He said the tumor existed in the child’s brain at birth and continued to grow until it reached a stage when the child suffered from severe pain and associated symptoms such as migraine.

Dr. Al Olama said that the  child came out of intensive care on Sunday after his condition had stabilised enough to leave hospital.