Abu Dhabi cheetah has a fractured foot

The traumatised female cheetah found chasing a rooster on a street in Abu Dhabi would undergo a surgery to correct her fractured foot.The Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre (ADWC), where the frail-looking wild cat is recuperating currently, will decide on the date of her operation when she recovers some of her energy, Gulf News reported.

ADWC rescued the cheetah when she was spotted by a resident on Karama Street, strapped on her neck with a heavy metal chain.

According to Ronel Barcellos, Director at ADWC, is getting the best care and is recovering well under the supervision of experts.

"She is very traumatised, however she will receive the best medical care and lots of love and kindness as well as the correct food with added vitamins and calcium.

The ADWC will give her a large open enclosure where she can run around freely, free from any chains around her neck. She will be placed with other cheetahs later when she recovers completely," said Barcellos.

The chain that was found on her neck has been removed from the animal upon reaching the centre.

Following her arrival at ADWC, the cat had a close check up which revealed a swelling on a wrist joint.

Dr Nicolas Terraz from the British Veterinary Centre, who did the examination, has sent a letter to ADWC about the medical examination and treatment plan for the cheetah.

According to the letter a swelling was found on the carpus (wrist joint). X-rays were taken which revealed a fractured accessory carpal bone.

"The bone is broken in three separate fragments. This bone is important for overall use of the leg. The cheetah was sedated in order to take X-rays of her foot, and was given an anti-inflammatory injection," said Dr Terraz.

The doctor also noted that all digits on both forelimbs have been de-clawed.

He added that the hind limbs have not been altered, and its teeth are intact.

Ear mites were also found and treated with an injection, which will need to be repeated in 3-4 weeks, said Dr Terraz's report.

"A topical treatment was also applied to the ears for comfort," he added.

Meanwhile Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents against keeping wild animals in their backyard. "Owning wild and endangered species is illegal, and has become a negative phenomenon in the UAE.

This is not correct and must be stopped.

These individuals do not have the experience to handle these wild animals, and are endangering themselves and those around them.

We are still investigating how the animal entered the UAE and who the owner is. But in the meantime we encourage awareness campaigns," said a statement from Abu Dhabi Police.


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