Bad weather: Flexible work hours in UAE

You can be late in bad weather conditions (Ashok Verma)

UAE federal government employees can take advantage of flexible working hours in bad weather, according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper Emarat Al Youm.

Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director, Human Resource Policies, in the UAE Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, said employees can come to work by 8.30am instead of the usual 7.30am during rain, fog or turbulent weather but should compensate for the delay by working one extra hour on the same day.

Al Suwaidi said the number of hours of work per day should not be less than seven or 35 hours per week. That means if the employee comes in at 8.30am, he/she should be in office until 3.30pm.

Al Suwaidi explained any ministry or federal entity could adopt flexible timings as per requirements of work, according to Article 3/100 of Council of Ministers Decree No. 13 of 2012 and Decree No. 11 of 2008.

She said employees can also go out during working hours in case of any emergency or any urgent personal reason with permission.

She explained that e-smart mechanisms are available for federal government employees to request permission to come late for work but they should inform their immediate superior.