Company sued for Dh13m over camel deaths

A general contracting firm is facing a lawsuit worth Dh13 million at the Dubai Court of First Instance for allegedly causing the death of seven camels owned by an Emirati.
The court heard on Sunday that the animals allegedly died after consuming toxic wastes dumped irresponsibly by the company in a public place for which the plaintiff is seeking compensation.
Arabic daily Al Ittihad quoted the Emirati plaintiff as saying that the camels were found dead at the waste dump just next to the offices of the defendant. He claimed that the veterinary tests have confirmed the cause of death as toxic poisoning of the intestine.
He alleged that the defendant is disposing off toxic and industrial waste in an inappropriate manner near a highway causing a threat to lives.
The owner of the camels has asked the court to assign an expert to evaluate the damage and determine the responsibility of the company. He has also urged the court to find out whether the toxic waste was dumped in violation of law or not.
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