Emirati woman breaks leg in RAK mountains… what happens next?

An old Emirati woman from Ras Al Khaimah was rescued by the Dubai Police Air Rescue team after falling down in the mountains while collecting honey.
Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Lt. Col. Khalfan Al Mazrouie, Head of Dubai Police Air Rescue Section said that they were called in by the Ras Al Khaimah Police to help search for a woman who had not returned home after going to the mountain area to collect honey.
Lt. Col. Khalfan Al Mazrouie, Head of Dubai Police Air Rescue Section, shared this incident while taking Emirates 24|7 on an aerial tour of Dubai in a rescue helicopter (see video at bottom of text).
“Apparently, this woman was used to going out early in the morning to the Ras Al Khaimah mountain area to collect honey. That day, she was too late and her family got worried and called the police.

“Then, the Ras Al Khaimah Police asked for help from Dubai Police Air Rescue team. We sent our team, and after long search in that area, we finally found the woman who fell from the mountain and was badly injured.”
Lt. Col. Al Mazrouie pointed out that the Air Rescue Team landed the helicopter in the mountain area, and managed to reach the woman and help her.

“We then handed her over to the Rack Al Khaimah police ambulance team to give her further treatment.”

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He added that though they are from Dubai, they conduct several rescue and search mission in the other emirates. “We don’t move and help unless they call us for help.

“We also conduct all kind of rescue missions, not only on the land, also in the sea and mountains, as well as desert. “We are fully equipped and well trained for all types of rescue missions,” he said. 

 On board the rescue chopper

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