Media experts to urge broader programming

Dubai Press Club (DPC) is set to host a panel discussion titled New Trends in Arab Drama Production as part of its calendar of activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Scheduled to be held today, the session will highlight latest developments in the content production industry in the Arab world, in addition to identifying opportunities and potential trends.

The speakers will particularly examine the trend of drama production during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Year after year, the season s high popularity has driven most production houses to earmark all their theatrical broadcasts for the holy month.

Researchers and experts assert that the local production industry will succeed in building a vibrant television sector only if they stop limiting themselves to specific seasons of the year.

However, more recently, the Gulf States have succeeded in providing local entertainment content that is on par with Egyptian, Syrian, and Lebanese productions.

Additionally, Arabising international shows through purchasing the rights from regional producers is gaining momentum, while importing and dubbing global content, especially Turkish and American productions, are proving equally popular among domestic production houses.

DPC s activities for the Holy Month of Ramadan focus on topics that interest a diverse section of the community in an attempt to facilitate the exchange of views and ideas.

A variety of events such as workshops, symposia, seminars, and social gatherings feature on the calendar. Towards this purpose, DPC has partnered with Dubai World Trade Centre to set up a special Majlis in Al Wasl Hall at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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