No advance holiday pay for government teachers

They will be paid July and August salaries when due

Teachers at governmental schools will not be able to receive the salaries of July and August with the salary of June.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has discontinued the system of annual clearance to give the holiday salaries of July and August with the salary of June, said Humaid Mohammad Al Qatami, Minister of Education.

Al Qatami pointed out that the new system will be effective from this year and the salary of each month will be paid separately.

The new system for the disbursement of salaries of teaching staff was subjected to careful examination by specialists to determine the extent of positive effects, in addition to the requirement that it was important for teachers.

The new system for the disbursement of salaries of teachers is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.

Al Qatami said that the initiative comes in a series of material and moral incentives approved by the ministry for the benefit of teachers.

He added that the ministry has adopted the policy to support teachers by halting the system under which the ministry used to deduct a sum of money during the vacation days of the teacher.

Now the MoE has a system for teachers based on paying the salaries of the 12 months of the year without any deduction.

Al Qatami stressed that the ministry is very keen on the constant improvement of financial situation and living conditions for both the management and teaching staff of the education sector.

Marwan Ahmad Al Sawaleh, Assistant Undersecretary for Support Services, asserted that the MoE has taken all the measures with the Ministry of Finance, to complete the monthly exchange transactions easily and conveniently.

He added the ministry made direct coordination with the educational zones for the success of this initiative.

RK, a teacher said this is bad news as many expatriate teachers were dependent on the advance salary for travel arrangements and to buy gifts for family and friend when they used to go home for holidays.

“When we came back, we could always borrow from friends to live on till we got the next salary,” he added.

However, Umm Mohammed said the ministry has taken a wise decision. “We used to spend all our money during the holidays and had a difficult time in September making ends meet. This initiative will help ensure we have money in the bank when we come home after the holidays.”


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