Water birth gaining acceptance in Dubai

Dubai seeing higher turnout for water birth as it reduces labour pain by 60-70 per cent, say reports

Water birth is still at an infancy stage in UAE, but it will have a prosperous future due to many medical considerations including high reduction in birth labour, where partial anesthetic will no longer be necessary or might be used in a limited amount,  if required, said Dr. Yamini Dhar, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology department in Al Zahra Hospital.

The hospital has inaugurated a water birth department in Dubai.

In  addition, Dr Dhar said the mother gets to experience a new way of delivery that psychologically makes her feel better.

According to the hospital, Dubai is witnessed a high turnout for water birth, aiming to reduce cesarean sections and alleviate labour pains.

Studies conducted in this field have shown that water birth reduces labour pain by 60-70 per cent.

The world is currently experiencing a return of water birth due to its healthy impact on both the mother and the child.

Women choose water birth as it reduces in some women the need for opioid and regional analgesia and gives them the freedom to adopt the birth position of their choice, the hospital said in a media statement.

Water supports 70 per cent of their body weight and therefore provides a great natural option for labouring women.

It reduces the pressure on her stomach and back, giving her a sense of relaxation, and thus dispenses most of the drugs given to her during cesarean sections and natural birth.

The water birth procedure has preconditions that have to be met before the medical team can agree to go with this option for the delivery.

These preconditions state that the mother should be between the ages of 17-35 with a normal full-term pregnancy and she should have no history of gynecological complications in order to avoid any potential distress to the baby.

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