Man caught using 30 phone lines in drug business

Kuwait police arrested a Pakistani drug smuggler after he eluded the law for several months by using nearly 30 telephone lines, a newspaper in the Gulf emirate reported on Thursday.

Police seized nearly three kg of pure heroin with the smuggler, identified as Salah, an employee at a contracting company in Kuwait, the Arabic language daily Alanba said.

Police raiding his house in Kuwait City also found a mincer which he had used to grind drug pills and mix them with pure heroin to increase the quantity for sale, the paper said.

Following instructions by drug gangs in Pakistan, Salah was selling heroin in Kuwait for persons who paid by money transfers to a bank account in Pakistan, it quoted police sources as saying.

“After watching him for several months, police detectives posing as customers seized Salah….they were surprised that when they revealed their identity to him, he went mad and bit a police man’s hand so hard that it was badly injured,” the paper said.

“In the end, they managed to overpower him…Salah later told investigators that he was using around 30 telephone lines in his business in line with instructions from the drug gangs in Pakistan.”

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