Baniyas cop-shooters get the death sentence

Also: Asian to be executed for smuggling heroin in stomach

Abu Dhabi Crimial Court on Monday gave its verdict in the Baniyas case. While two got death sentences, one person got life term and another 10 years. 

Two GCC nationals will be executed on charges of firing at policemen during an ambush in Baniyas and for carrying hashish, according to a report in Al Ittihad. The court issued capital punishment on charges of possessing hashish for trafficking purposes.

Meanwhile, the first suspect was sentenced to 10 years in jail with a fine of Dh20,000 for resisting cops from doing their duty. He will be deported after serving term. The court acquitted him of the charge of consuming narcotics in UAE.

The second suspect was given life term on the charge of attempting to kill two policemen on duty by firing at them. He was ordered to pay Dh10,000 as a compensation to one of the victims and Dh40,000 to another. He was also sentenced to four years for consuming narcotics and six months for possessing a gun, ammunition and electric shocker.

Meanwhile, the court also added that the execution term invalidates any other jail terms issued by the court.  

Death for Asian who smuggled heroin in stomach

An Asian charged with smuggling 103 heroin capsules in his abdomen while entering the UAE will be executed, ruled the Criminal Court of Abu Dhabi.

Al Khaleej reported that the court based its verdict on the testimony of an airport official who handed over the accused fromthe Customs Department to the Anti-Narcotics Department. He, however, said that he did not remember the suspect.

The suspects's lawyer said that he was transferring the substance for another person and that he had no clue that they were heroin capsules.

Dubai Police arrest two sorcerers 

Two Africans have been arrested for allegedly practising withcraft and sorcery.

Upon receiving reliable information, a team of Dubai Police immediately set about to nab them. One cop contacted the duo and said he wanted their help in sorting out a family issue, reported Al Khaleej.

The suspect told the undercover cop that his problem was because of a magic done by someone and that an item was buried in his home. He added that he would require Dh5,700 to undo the magic spell.

The undercover cop agreed to meet him at Mutainah area with the amount. Upon reaching the designated place, he saw another person with the first suspect who said he wanted Dh1,000 to buy to white lambs for slaughter.

At that moment police team arrested them.

Police imposter held for robbing women

A GCC youngster has been held for allegedly stealing items from women in hotels by impersonating as a policeman.

Abu Dhabi Police followed his movements after receiving several complaints from women, reported Al Khaleej.

The suspect, an ex-government employee, allegedly followed women to hotels and ordered them to hand over all their valuables including mobile phones and jewellery and even passports after showing a fake identity, wherein he claimed he was a policeman. 

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