Why is Kareena a better housewife than Vidya Balan?

Bollywood heroines' looks can be deceptive; Bebo loves cooking

It's interesting how Bollywood heroines have proved once again that their looks are only skin deep and can often be misleading. Their true essence lies below the multiple layers of make-up they pad on.

Kareena Kapoor - and this news has emerged post-marriage - loves cooking and often dishes out a storm for her family and friends.

Meanwhile, Vidya Balan's fans can be forgiven for thinking that she symbolises the perfect Indian housewife. The heroine, who found her style essence in going traditional and always dressed demurely in sarees, can't cook at all, her brother-in-law Kunaal Roy Kapur has claimed recently in Indian daily Mid-Day

Vidya is family-oriented but she obviously missed the cooking classes somewhere along the way. Now, it is not necessary that a woman should know how to cook, but the news has evidently taken her fans by surprise.

The Kapoor girl is equally traditional in such matters of wedded bliss. After all, in this age of women's lib, she has decided to take up her husband's family name after her wedding. However, being a true blue Bollywood royal, she has decided to keep her famous family name along with her married name. She now prefers to be called Kareena Kapoor-Khan.

On this subject, Vidya too seems to be heading the same way. If the Bollywood grapevine can be believed, the 'Kahaani' star has been mulling over adding her husband's name along with her own. Fans will know for sure only once her film releases and they get to see the credits.

Meanwhile, can you think of any other Bollywood actress whose reel looks have misled you about their personalities in real life? Have your say and post your comments below.


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